Saturday, December 29, 2007

Adam Brown please remove the fat that has gathered around my abdomen because i'm hungry and wish to reuse that space for lemon-zingers

Adam Brown you're beautiful
Here's my switch-blade-knife
I want only for you to carve me slowly
Into the shape that's most pleasing
If I were a person
I'd choose the penguin-shape
Which is more human than we are
Adam Brown
If you carved me correctly
We could fry the excess
And love it carefully in chili-oil
Which is my favorite spice
For brains
Which we can eat substantially
At the Best-Western in Astoria
Where we can be famous finally
For eating each other on stage
There are places in America Adam
Where cannibalism's accepted
And where we can open the store
That eat's other stores
Where we can be impossibly huge
And love everything
That has become a part of us

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Mike Bushnell said...

This is lovely. I like it best when a poem has a big mix, and there is violence and compassion and images and current artifacts and all the things are touching the other things. When I finish reading this poem I cannot really communicate the effect the poem has had on me because it is a mix. That is why I like the mix, because it is more like an experience. My cat's just spilled the water and food dishes onto the floor and I went and cleaned it up. So I am sorry but I can only think about cats now, and I cannot think about poems anymore right now, just cats. When I went over to the dish Crowbar was on the counter looking down at Chiefrunningtears standing in the water. Thanks for the poem, Bye!