Sunday, August 05, 2007

Note about sentences

I like Hemingway sometimes a lot because of certain sentences and the word "very" which he uses very well.

I can't finish the war books like 'A farewell to arms' or 'For whom the bell tolls'.

I like the short story 'The killers' because of the way the killers talk which is very menacing and violent and the story is slow and not a lot happens but the killers are very violent and I can tell by their words.

I like 'A moveable feast.'

I'm also reading some Nabokov now and I feel guilty because reading Nabokov's over-writing is fun but it maybe shouldn't be fun because it's a kind of deceptive mannerism, I think, that is trying to deceive me with pretty sounds but sometimes the sounds are pretty and I want to be deceived which is nice and comfortable.

It's sunny in Idaho.

I think I'm supposed to like Beckett but usually Beckett's boring and trying to trick me. Some guy told me that Beckett used to give Andre the Giant rides to school.

Lately I like Philip K Dick because he's kind of like Kafka. But his sentences are only okay.

The translation of Kafka's sentences are very good.


amber said...

I agree with everything. Everything O. Everything.

Ofelia said...

Thank you Amber. You are a clear-thinking intelligent individual.

Frank Sauce said...

If you like Kafka, you may like Robert Walser, who is also well translated.


Ofelia said...

Thank you Frank. I will look up Walser because I've never heard of him and for some reason I don't understand The Trial and The Castle are my favorite books ever so far. I really like the description of movement.

MadisonGlass said...

faulkner sentences

i like faulkner sentences

Dobbs said...

i like the the trial and the castle as well. been reading them very slowly, both at once. haven't finished, but I like kafka's movement also. i like his beauracratic shenanigans.

frank sauce says i write like walser

Anonymous said...

You cannot see that For Whom the Bell Tolls is not a good novel until you've read it three times. I've read it five times and it gets worse with each reading. A Farewell to Arms seems like a good novel but also feels silly and soapish in places. It has many, many good sentences, though. The stories are the best. A Moveable Feast isn't great but is very likeable. It is one of my favorites. I may start reading it again tonight. To Have and Have Not is considered one of Hemingway's worse books but I love it. Perhaps for the same reason you like The Killers.