Monday, August 13, 2007

Fuck you, kill everything, including your lawn and pets, resurrect everything, put the resurrected-everything in a boat in the Pacific-Ocean but move

'I eat people' I say to Madison after the penguins stage a cage-break and disassemble several children from the kindergarten field-trip

And the penguins stack the child-parts

In neat piles

Near the beach

'Help me' I say so Madison helps me string the children together and dump the children in the ocean where they float woodenly away and when the penguins return with their knives we run and are under-water which is where Karl-Rove says, 'Don't run from the penguins,' and points and the penguins have knives in their beaks and are swimming

'Make love to Karl-Rove' Madison says under-water

But the penguins have him as we swim away

'If I had a bomb' I say 'I'd bomb everything even myself until the everything was a nothing or something'


I stop

'If you bomb everything into a nothing then who will you eat?'

Which is true

And why I keep spare people in my closet

Short people and those who're bored and lonely and who hide every moment from something which is me and why my closet's always stacked full and sideways

I love to make love to Karl-Rove on the pile of closet-people

And to disassemble Karl-Rove and mix him carefully

With the children

Who aren't crying ever and are silent and cold

'I love Karl-Rove' I say to Madison 'I love like Karl-Rove and am and could be Karl-Rove today and at the grocery-store'

'I decorate Karl-Rove with diamonds and love him and love him and I wear Karl-Rove and skin Karl-Rove and wear my Karl-Rove skin'

'I love diamonds and children'

For awhile but the penguins are with the children with knives and I'm holding my knife and the knife's cold

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MadisonGlass said...

You're better when you write about me. You should write about me more.