Friday, April 27, 2007

Hugh Laurie eats dead children

In my art-brute short-film
I slowly comb the fine hairs
Of the mutant-plastic alien-mannequins
We stole together
From the X-files soundstage
You're more beautiful than antelopes
Or buzzed-naked puppies
Why did we dissect
All the family poodles
You filmed your trip to Target
And put it on a commercial
During the local news-report
Which became pet-food murder-porn
Before the political-debate
With mental-telepathy
And starving shrimp-cocktail ice-sculptures


MadisonGlass said...
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MadisonGlass said...

Sorry That was me I spelled something wrong

I just wanted to go on record saying this is a good poem I told you already but here it is on record

This is a good poem

Amber said...

hugh laurie
is very good looking
it's his eyes
which remind me of green, green frogs

Pirooz said...