Monday, November 13, 2006

Ninjas belong in the world at large

I am invisible like a ninja I am transparent
Happy ninjas belong in the world at large
They have a role and base their desires on their role
I am bored I steal a cell-phone for my boyfriend
And evade pursuit in my hatchback
Then text my boyfriend from the stolen phone
I say "I am bored I have no role"
We drive to the plains and slaughter cattle
We go to an 'independent movie'
At daycare I tell the girls to learn to read
Because only idiots can't read
And their mothers make me cry
I burn a barn in Iowa and the cows panic
I dodge the stampede of panicking cows
They trample the tall corn trees
This corn will never be food but these cows will
I thank the Dairy Farmers of America
And shave a small patch of grass
From my front lawn

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