Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ben Stein dissapoints us all

I have a tiny apartment with a tiny window
Next to the AM/PM
I am of course powerful
As I watch her kick her head in
The asphalt is new and black
Cars hiss as they roll smoothly over it
And on election night Ben Stein
Disappoints us all
Girls are not tax write-offs
But they should be
So Justin Timberlake can tour Iceland
As American Envoy
And bring pop-music-peace worldwide
I lean my head against my television
Static tickles my hair follicles
It is raining calmly
As my forced-air-heating clicks on
There should be an all-girl battle-royale
With baseball bats and steel rocks
But no helmets no pads no sound
I would smash every bone quietly
And cripple my neighbors
So I could sleep safely alone

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