Saturday, October 20, 2007

'I never want to see you again I'm cold and wide in the esophagus I fill slowly with sawdust'

I have another request please I'll ask without hope

How wide's your esophagus in centimeters please

Or provide the volume please I'm calculating

Densities of sawdust I test sawdust

In my esophagus without hope or expectation

The kitchen-tiles are white beneath the sawdust it's 6 AM

I love the kitchen-tiles and fuck them

I'm hungry and eat windows

Carefully I eat little glass-cups

You love me I think we could overthrow

The US government

And eat Washington DC

I'm busy tomorrow I have Pilates

I'm lying you're beautiful

We could microwave ourselves again but

The microwave's too small


jillian said...

i like this.

Ofelia said...

Thank you.

brandon said...

i like it too