Saturday, September 29, 2007

I wrote a story for paper wall. It's in #6. The story has Madison as a character. It also has a bridge and a car.

I didn't start editing my novel yet because I'm lazy and also because I'm afraid. Sometimes I imagine the novel walking around with a pitcher of water and a large kitchen knife. Pacing probably, in the hallway and I'm hiding next to the bathroom, behind the clothing hamper and everything smells bad. Or maybe with a taser and an uzi automatic-gun.


Justin Rands said...

I've been reading your work and I think it's fucking amazing. I am In love and would like to lick your hand.

Ofelia said...

Thank you Justin Rands. You can lick my hand probably, some day. Until then, you should like your hand, or the hands of people you pass on the street. They will thank you for it.