Saturday, July 28, 2007


I have finished the rough-draft of a novel. The novel is called: Today and Tomorrow, or Something Something, or Lisbon, or Something Something Something, or Untitled.

Vital statistics:

Elapsed time: 7 months

Today: 27,364 words

Tomorrow: 24,972 words

Total words: 52,336 [I did that in my head so it could be wrong]

I will take a week break and then revise for two months, leisurely, I think, and try to write two stories or poems each week, and maybe write something in third person.

Thank you if you read any of my rough-draft-novel or if you came here and thought about reading it and then watched Survivor or Hell's Kitchen instead. After I revise the novel I will revise the novel again and revise for a while randomly and then force a publishing-entity to publish the novel. Who should that publishing-entity be? If you have a suggestion you should email me or something or just think about it for a while and then forget you ever read this and go bowling in Oklahoma with high-school students and eat a tofu-dog and drink wine-coolers.


Tao Lin said...

after you finish editing it if you want i would recommend it to melville house. they are searching for american writers to publish. but you won't be rich. but they will make a nice book i think.

Ofelia said...

Thank you.

Ofelia said...

I feel guilty. I didn't see this comment and posted a bunch of stuff and this comment was nice.

I feel guilty in my room now. With lemon-grass...