Saturday, March 03, 2007

News, Foursquare, 'Love is my little platter'

A poem of mine appears in the current Foursquare, published by Jessica Smith. I wrote a bunch of love poems and Jessica chose one. Here is one of the unselected poems.

Love is my little platter

I could remove your eyes with a paring knife and place your

eyes on a small platter and sprinkle salt on your

eyes and bake your eyes and eat your eyes and

feed your eyes to a busload of middle-aged business-

men waiting for rental cars at the airport

And you would disassemble your rental car in the airport

parking-lot and place each part in a parking-space

and wait patiently for a digital picture of my elbow

to appear on the Wal-Mart billboard and orgasm

unfathomably in the restroom with magazines

1 comment:

Jessica Smith said...

oh yes, i liked this one. i almost chose this one. now that 4SQ 1.9 has sold out you can feel free to republish the poem i chose.