Saturday, December 02, 2006

I think about teleportation

I am hungry I am tired my fridge is empty
So I teleport to Wal-Mart and rob Wal-Mart
I steal the Wal-Mart tractor-trailer and sell it in Tennessee
I buy a new cell-phone and destroy the cell-phone
Then buy another cell-phone and destroy the cell-phone
I teleport to Oregon and hijack a Greyhound bus
Then drive the bus to my mother's house
And crash the bus into my mother's house and destroy the bus
I pull my mother from the house I tell her "I destroy everything"
There is car on the road I destroy the car
I am happy today I think
I will quietly destroy my apartment
I will imagine my apartment is 'global terrorism'
And quietly destroy it
I am afraid I will destroy everything
Because everything is afraid of me
Or everything is afraid of everything
Or I don't know so I have to stop now

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